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I spent a few days in Winnipeg on my way to Banff, so I decided to try as many vegan and vegan friendly restaurants in town. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with the options! Especially considering “eat vegan in Winnipeg” has 0 monthly searches according to Google Adwords lol. Sounded verrrrry promising. I was wrong! Here are my findings:

Boon Burger

Chilly cheese burger with fries

I had previously been to this popular vegan joint on my last roadtrip and absolutely loved it. They make the most delicious vegan burgers I’ve had in a while. My friend ate a poutine that beats pretty much anything I’ve had in Montreal. Ok mayyyybe not the one from Sushi Momo.

Boon Burger, Winnipeg vegan, vegan restaurant, vegan restaurant Winnipeg, healthy salad, healthy food Winnipeg

Rainbow salad

The 2nd time I went there (cause you know, I went 3 times just to be safe), I had a rainbow salad with some tahini dressing and some coconut-based soft serve. I tried the cherry flavour and could have eaten 5 more.

dairy free ice cream, vegan ice cream, coconut ice cream

Cherry coconut ice cream


Stella’s isn’t entirely plant based, but since a few people told me they had many great vegan options on their menu, I decided to check it out. They really did make an effort with their vegan meals! I started with a green smoothie and was a little skeptical because it had ginger in it (never had a smoothie with ginger that actually tasted good) and I was pleasantly surprised. The ginger flavour was mild and blended well with the other flavours.

green smoothie, Winnipeg smoothie, Winnipeg vegan, Stellas Winnipeg, vegan restaurant Winnipeg

Green smoothie

Mexican plate

If you’re going for breakfast, I would highly recommend trying the tofu scramble. Probably my favorite dish out of everything I tried.

Tofu scramble, Tofu scramble Winnipeg, healthy food Winnipeg, vegan restaurant Winnipeg, Stellas Winnipeg, breakfast Winnipeg

Tofu scramble

Their dragon bowl was interesting, I was really not expecting that combination of flavours at all! I’m used to dragon sauce but I their tamarind sauce was something else.

Dragon bowl, vegan bowl, vegan lunch, vegan restaurant Winnipeg, Stellas Winnipeg, healthy food Winnipeg

Dragon bowl

vegan Chocolate cake, plantbased chocolate cake, dairy free Chocolate cake, vegan restaurant Winnipeg, vegan Winnipeg

Chocolate cake

Oh doughnuts

I discovered Oh doughnuts on Instagram without even realizing they had vegan options. When I saw them on the menu at a vegan restaurant, I got up and ran to their bakery. Ok maybe I walked lol. I don’t eat refined sugar very often, but you know… #yolo #donuts. They offer different flavours every week, which is great if you want to try something new from time to time. I tried ginger, peanut butter cup, cinnamon and twix. I ate the peanut butter cup in 3 seconds and it was the highlight of my day.

vegan donuts, oh doughnuts, donuts Winnipeg, vegan restaurant Winnipeg, vegan Winnipeg, vegan dessert, dairy free donuts, plantbased donuts

Vegan donuts

Generation green

Generation Green isn’t a restaurant, but I’m including them in my post because it was a hidden gem. A zero waste shop in Winnipeg, say whaaaaat?! Even Toronto had nothing lol. You can bring your own containers to refill you hand wash, dish soap, shampoo, conditioner, all purpose cleaner, etc. They also had all sorts of eco / zero waste products such as washable coffee filters, metal & glass straws, etc.


Generation Green Winnipeg, refill station Winnipeg, zero waste Manitoba, zero waste Canada, zΓ©ro dΓ©chet Winnipeg, vegan skin care, glass straws Winnipeg, metal straws Winnipeg

Generation Green Winnipeg zero waste


Glass & metal straws


Zero waste coffee filters


Zero waste shopping bags