vegan burger hearts choices Calgary vegan poutine

I had to try a few vegan restaurants as I visited a friend in Calgary on my way to Banff. After asking locals what their favorite places were, here are the highlights of my new discoveries (I will update this post in fall when I return to Calgary, so make sure to come back!):

Hearts Choices NE

vegan cauliflower wings Hearts Choices Calgary

I heard about this restaurant at the very last minute before heading to Canmore. It was really out of the way, but I decided I go anyway and I was definitely NOT disappointed. I started with the cauliflower wings, I don’t eat much fried food but I was quite impressed. I would have never guessed it was cauliflower! Absolutely delicious. Make sure you try the NE location as they don’t have the same menus.

vegan burger hearts choices Calgary vegan poutine

Up next in was the poutine and burger. Ok maybe don’t eat that burger on a first date if you’re self conscious lol. I was alone so it was a glorious experience. Both were excellent.

vegan shrimp

vegan bacon mock bacon

I can’t believe I almost missed the wall of fridges packed with vegan seafood & mock meats on my way out. What the hell!? I’ve never seen such realistic looking vegan fish and seafood. TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER! Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to taste any of these, but fear not my friends… I will when I return to Calgary in fall.


Raw eatery & market

I’m all about nutrient-dense raw vegan food, so of course this raw restaurant was on top of my list.

raw pad thai Raw Eatery and market Calgary

First time I went I ordered their pad thai. It was great, but I was still kinda hungry… Perfect if I want to feed my raw dessert addiction hehe.

Kale salad Raw eatery and market Calgary

Round two I had to go for their kale salad. Their creamy dressing was so tasty! Great little gem if you want a light and nutritious lunch.

Wild and raw

Wild & raw is a superfood juice bar that also serves delicious raw treats & desserts. Not everything is vegan so make sure to ask before ordering. I went for a raw snickers bar (all I have to say is good thing I don’t work there), a tumeric shot and a unicorn smoothie. Everything was as good as expected. They have a pretty big selection in the juice & smoothie department, definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area!

Raw vegan snickers bars Wild and Raw Calgary

raw cake wild and raw Calgary