Vegan fitness recipe ebook

40 delicious vegan recipes with easy to customize macros

High protein & low fat meals, perfect for active people looking to optimize their workouts or simply eat healthier.

Lots of gluten-free, soy-free & refined sugar-free options!Β 

macronutrients indicated with each recipe

Here are results I’ve gotten by calculating macros

I’m usually lean, but I’ve always struggled to get ab definition… Until I started tracking them!

Some recipes featured

  1. Peach granola
  2. Green smoothie
  3. Tofu scramble
  4. Gluten-free apple muffins
  5. Mexican bowl
  6. Lupini “butter chicken”
  7. Mango chickpea curry
  8. High protein pasta
  9. Quinoa chili
  10. Beet hummus
  11. Lentil soup
  12. High protein oil-free fries
  13. Mint nice cream
  14. Chia parfait
  15. Pumpkin bliss balls
  16. Hemp chocolate
  17. Low fat cheese sauce
  18. Ramen noodle bowl