no bake raw vegan dessert recipe creator

Hi, I’m Joey 🙂

I use my blog to share my vegan recipes (mostly no bake / raw vegan desserts for now). I like to inspire people, so I’m eventually going to blog about my journey moving towards a minimalist lifestyle while living in my van with my 18 yo cat.

I spend my time hiking in the Canadian rockies and sea kayaking around Vancouver island when I’m not working on new recipes.

I became interested in a whole food plant based diet when I was a teenager, thanks to my awesome biology teacher. I eventually discovered raw food when it was recommended to my mother, who suffers from fibromyalgia. Together we experimented with our Excalibur dehydrators and I was quickly hooked. I gradually started eating more cooked plantbased meals when I became highly active.

My goal is to inspire people to live a healthy & compassionate life and spend more time in nature.